More Just and Equitable Ways Forward Grant

Thank you for pursuing your desire to create change in our society!  We are excited to review your More Just and Equitable Ways Forward (MJEWF) Grant application and better understand your vision.  Please consider the following before applying:

  • Scholars are expected to demonstrate specifically how their idea will benefit the greater Chicago Scholars community.
  • Scholars must submit a detailed budget proposal for all expenses related to the proposed experience.
  • MJEWF grant applications may be submitted on a rolling basis through June 30th, 2023.
  • Scholars may submit an individual and/or group grant application.
  • All grant award winners must take part in a capstone interview at the completion of their experience.
  • Scholars must be enrolled in an undergraduate program.  Scholars who have graduated or enrolled in graduate school are not eligible to apply.  Therefore, a copy of the unofficial transcript is required to apply.

If you have any questions please email Corderius at before applying.  Good luck!
Background Information

While there is no GPA requirement and this will not affect your application, we ask to get an idea of current academic status and provide additional support if needed.

Acceptable formats: .jpg, .png, PDF
More Just and Equitable Ways Forward Grant Proposal

Please use 100-500 words to respond to the following prompts:

Financial Information
Please provide us with an itemized budget for the amount you are requesting for this Social Justice, Civic Engagement, and/or Leadership Engagement project opportunity.  Take some time to investigate all the costs associated with the opportunity.  You will not receive funding for items not included in this budget.  Be specific with each line item.  We would rather you have more individual items listed than have generalized a few.

Please see the sample budget below for your reference:

Item: Event Photographer/Videographer Deposit   Cost: $250  Date: 11/7/2022
Item: Event Venue                                                       Cost: $3,000 Date: 12/1/2022
Item: Catered Food for Event                                    Cost: $1,200 Date: 12/1/2022
Item: Award Presentation Check                              Cost: $66.25 Date: 12/1/2022
Budget Item