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Thank you for applying for the Chicago Scholars Lifeline Emergency Fund.  Team Lift is here to support you and glad to see you advocate for yourself and your needs by requesting financial assistance.  We do have some limits to our funding, but we will work with you to identify how much we can provide depending on your need (or identify other resources if we can't provide funds).
  • Students must be a part of the Chicago Scholars program and enrolled in an undergraduate program. Scholars who have graduated or enrolled in graduate school are not eligible to apply.
The next pages of the application will ask basic information regarding your situation and the option to upload relevant documentation (lease, bills, etc.)

Eligible expenses may include, but are not limited to:
  • Rent, utilities, transportation, groceries, personal/toiletry items, certain medical expenses.
Ineligible expenses:
  • Unfortunately, we do not provide funds for tuition.  On rare occasions we'll support with an emergency that leaves you with a past-due balance.  Please contact Team Lift for support in figuring out a plan for tuition payments.
  • Credit card purchases and certain medical bills as these expenses can be set up on a payment plan through the biller.

After submitting your application, we will be in touch within 3-5 business days.  If your application is extremely urgent or time sensitive, please reach out to Team Lift.

Thank you for connecting with us.  If you have questions before completing the application, or want support as you're filling it out, contact Team Lift at or schedule time during our office hours.

Contact Details and Academic Information

Contact Details

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Academic Information

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Financial Information
In this section please provide us with an itemized budget for your request. Please see the sample budget below for your reference:

Example                                   Item: Rent                                 Amount: $800
Item Amount
Budget Item
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Your application details may be shared with foundations who provide emergency funding to Chicago Scholars, strictly for reimbursing Chicago Scholars for emergency expenses.  By checking the box below you are giving Chicago Scholars permission to share information in this application to foundations we partner with for funding purposes.  Chicago Scholars and the foundations we partner with will not share anything in this application in any external platforms without explicit permission from you.  Any data shared will be kept secure and only shared with emergency fund managers at the foundations. If you have any questions or concerns about the sharing of data, please contact Bridget at