Application: Chicago Scholars Education/Leadership Development Grant

Thank you for your interest in the ELD grant! Because this grant is incredibly competitive, to make yourself an outstanding candidate, the ELD committee encourages you to complete the following steps before submitting your application.

1. Take your time through the ENTIRE application.
2. Read and reread your application at least twice.
3. Make sure your responses are cohesive and answer ALL parts of each essay question.
4. Have a trusted peer, advisor, faculty/staff member, or mentor look over and edit your application.

If you have any questions or concerns please email before applying. Good luck!

Contact Details and Academic Information

Contact Details

Select Other if school is not listed

Educational or Leadership Development Opportunity Information

As a requirement to receiving funding, you must have already been accepted to your educational or leadership opportunity. We cannot accept your application at this time but encourage you to apply once you have been officially accepted.
Please note: Eligibility for funding is predicated on your ability to provide official proof of acceptance from the opportunity you are seeking to fund.

Academic Information

What is your current cumulative GPA?

How many credits have you earned so far? Include post-secondary credits earned from all schools attended.

Word Limit: 75

Attach your official transcript to verify your academic performance. A screenshot of your official transcript is acceptable. Be sure to include your name in the image.

Please attach a supplemental document to verify your academic performance.
General Information

Please provide the contact information from someone in your academic or professional life who can speak to your maturity and ability to take full advantage of this development opportunity should you receive funding. 

Your recommender will automatically be contacted once you submit this application. Your application will not be considered complete until this recommendation is received. It is your responsibility to make sure all materials are received in a timely manner in order to receive full consideration.

Financial Information
Please provide us with an itemized budget for the amount you are requesting for this educational or leadership development opportunity. Take some time to investigate all the costs that may be associated with the opportunity. You will not receive funding for items you fail to consider in this budget. Be specific with each line item. We would rather you have more individual items listed than have generalized a few.

Please see the sample budget below for your reference:
  • Item: Transportation to the conference - Roundtrip Mega Bus Ticket     Cost: 60.00           Date: 11/7/2018
  • Item: Lodging for the entire week                                                       Cost:  400.00         Date: 12/1/2018
  • Item: Registration for the conference                                                  Cost: 100.00          Date:12/1/2018
  • Item: Dinner for the week                                                                   Cost100.00          Date:12/1/2018
Please add as many items as necessary and be as detailed and specific as possible.
Item Cost Date Needed
Budget Item
Include amount in dollars. Please include  numbers only. 
Short Answers
Please use between 150-500 words to answer the following questions: